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Orthographic fonts explained by example:

See this: mama liyannee laþingaþa síhalayi.
That is romanized Sinhala. The font used to display it is the default font underneath here.

Now see this: mama liyannee laþingaþa síhalayi.
That is a copy of the same text as above viewed using the font aruNa.ttf.

We have made Orthographic Smartfonts like aruNa for Tamil and Hindi as well. Typing romanized Sinhala and Tamil is faster than typing English. Just type them using our foolproof keyboards that are very intuitive and close to the English keyboard.

Dual-script Sinhala and Tamil
For Windows Only
Get keyboards:
     Sinhala Keyboard Layout
     Sinhala Keyboard
     Tamil Keyboard Layout
     Tamil Keyboard
Download fonts:

Our fonts were made according to the Open Type standard. Early this century, Notepad on Windows was used to test Open Type fonts. Linux Operating system also adopted OpenType from the beginning. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office neglected to support OpenType until its version 2013.

Now LibreOffice surpasses or matches Microsoft Office in all its aspects. We encourage you to start using LibreOffice. It is open source and free to download:

Libre Office <== Get this for your computer.

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